Fire Safety Plan

This document is a detailed report that covers life safety devices and systems in all types of buildings. It is part of a Fire Code requirement for any building that has a Fire Alarm Panel system. This document audits all the life safety systems in your building and is the primary training and response program for building owners, staff, tenants, and/or occupants. It is a ‘Legal’ requirement for all: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Day Cares, Schools, Hospitals, Jails, Courts…etc.

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All Plans Include:

  • A rough draft for review, discussion or changes before printing.
  • 3 binders of a complete National and Provincial fire code compliant document.
  • City fire department compliant fire safety plan document.
  • All color floor plans in either 8.5”x11" or up to 11”x17" format.
  • Laminated floor plans (8.5”x11” only) for posting on every floor, unless plexi signage is ordered.
  • Sufficient number of tenant/occupant fire safety brochures, if requested.
  • Updating of up to 1.5hrs of consulting time for the next 12-months.
  • Digital-PDF file of your completed document for your files and for any re-printing needs you may have.
  • A clear plexiglass fire safety plan box with key lock.

*Price Includes floor plans in an MS PowerPoint format. If you would prefer AutoCAD format, we can provide this format at an additional cost.

Acrylic Professional Signage holders for posting Floor Plans are also available, pricing for clear plexi Fire Safety Plan Boxes, 8.5” x 11” floor plan mounts and/or 11” x 17” floor plan mounts are available upon request.